All members of the Association have signed and agreed to the following Code of Conduct:


Schedule 1: Code of Conduct

Please remember that the MSA is self-financing and managed by students for students.

Although this list is not exhaustive, the following rules along with a healthy dose of common sense, are the minimum that it is expected MSA members will abide by when making use of the facilities.

This is in order to ensure an adequate level of cooperation and respect is shown at all times to your fellow students, security staff, cleaning staff and all other university staff.


  • No eating or drinking in the PC Labs under any circumstances;
  • Noise to be kept to a minimum in the PC Labs;
  • Ensure that you pay for all your printing and photocopying;
  • When Livingstone Tower is in lockdown, members can only use PC Labs 301A and 301B when none are available on level 2;
  • PCs left unattended for more than 10 minutes can be used by another member; when taking/making a phone call please leave the PC Lab; when finished, PCs should be logged off not shut down;
  • Please ensure that only Whiteboard markers are used on MSA Whiteboards;
  • Heaters must be signed out and back in at all times when you are using them out with the MSA common rooms; heaters can only be taken off level 2 Livingstone Tower when used in PC Labs 301A and 302B;
  • No sleeping in the MSA or any room on level 2 of Livingstone Tower;
  • Ensure you pay for your tea and coffee and, if you can, make a contribution towards other foodstuffs;
  • All lockers must be paid for;
  • Wash, dry and put away food containers before eating – do not leave them in or around the sink;
  • Wash, dry and put away your dishes, cutlery, crockery etc ASAP after use;
  • Tidy up after yourself by throwing out all rubbish etc, can all members please read all notices in MSA facilities;
  • No alcohol is to be taken to or consumed on level 2 of Livingstone Tower; intoxicated students are not welcome or allowed on level 2 of Livingstone Tower;
  • Misappropriation of MSA or other members property will be reported to Campus Security and the appropriate action taken;
  • Do not remove mugs, crockery, cutlery etc from the MSA common room;
  • It is prohibited from using the MSA out with regular opening hours without possessing an MSA stamped red card; all students must sign out at the security office when leaving the building;
  • Any student who loses RED CARD privileges for any period of time cannot use the MSA facilities with a card issued by another department;
  • The MSA area of level 2 Livingstone Tower will be monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras;
  • All users of the MSA facilities must have subscribed to this Code of Conduct, students not abiding by the Code may have their MSA privileges withdrawn.


Thank you for reading the Code of Conduct.

Thank you in advance for abiding by the Code of Conduct.

Finally, if you have any suggestions to improve the Code of Conduct, please contact a Committee Member with your idea.